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Clean Planet ranks #1 worldwide in cold fusion patents
February 23, 2023

Clean Planet ranks #1 worldwide in cold fusion patents

TOKYO — February 22, 2023 — In a nuclear fusion patent ranking published in Nikkei Asia compiled by Tokyo-based research company astamuse, Japan’s Clean Planet ranks #1 in the world in cold fusion patents and #17 in fusion patents overall. The company is listed among fusion leaders such as Tokamak Energy, Hamamatsu Photonics, Toyota Motor Corporation, and Lockheed Martin.  

Clean Planet has developed Quantum Hydrogen Energy (QHe), a clean form of energy that generates heat by hydrogen quantum diffusion, induced by saturating a miniscule quantity of hydrogen on nanomaterial composed of inexpensive nickel and copper.

To commercialize QHe and develop a global market for the new energy, the company has entered into a capital and business alliance with Mitsubishi Corporation. In addition, Miura and Clean Planet are jointly developing industrial boilers powered by quantum hydrogen energy.

The U.S. was dominant in nuclear fusion research until around 2010. Under President Joe Biden, the government is now stepping up research support to help commercialize nuclear fusion technologies. In September, the U.S. announced a plan to offer $50 million in additional financial support.

astamuse ranked 30 countries and regions by studying the 1,133 patents filed between 2011 and September 2022. Each country's score was calculated by using the number of patents filed, the feasibility of each innovation, and the remaining period of exclusivity, among others.

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