Exploration Grants

The Anthropocene Institute is connecting funding sources with researchers and scientists exploring Solid-State Fusion (SSF), which we define as a nuclear reaction occurring in the solid phase of matter, releasing heat that is in excess of input chemical energy.

What does"solid state fusion?" mean?

It’s an umbrella term that encompasses all nuclear reactions (fusion, fission, transmutation, beta decay, alpha decay) that occur in the solid-state, and encompasses LENR (low energy nuclear reactions), as well as cold fusion.

Who can apply?

This grant is available to scientists, students, and companies engaged in this field. We invites veterans in the fields of SSF, as well as  researchers from adjacent fields including quantum science, nuclear engineering, astro and geophysics, materials science, and electrochemistry to explore this exciting area.


Non-profit organizations that have an eligibility Section 501(c)(3) for U.S. federal income tax purposes, including groups at universities. This program will not fund:

  • General operating expenses
  • Debt reduction, operating deficits, bridge funding
  • Pass through funds or regranting

How much money is being offered?

We are pleased offer exploratory grants of $25,000- $100,000 to explore this field. Additionally, if you are already engaged in research, but are in need for additional funding for equipment or staff, we are also offering grants of $25,000-$50,000 to supplement your existing research.

How to apply?

Please include information about:

  • Description of your proposed project/research. (max 3 pages)
  • Expected energy output, and how that output is measured.
  • Evidence of nuclear reaction.
  • Timeline
  • Short bio on each of the key team members. (max 1 page)
  • Current budget for project, including proposed use of funds and other sources of funding. (max 2 pages)

What is the selection process?

Applications will be considered on a rolling basis, and reviewed by a committee of experts in the field and adjacent fields, organized by the Anthropocene team. All funding decisions shall be at the discretion of the review committee and Anthropocene Institute and subject to the availability of funds. We are under no obligation to fund any proposal received.

What is required if I / we receive a grant?

If you receive a grant, you will be required to submit quarterly reports on the progress of your project and the use of the funds, and participate in an annual or bi-annual meeting with the Anthropocene Institute and the review committee.

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