SSF Interviews

Micah Karahadian: Pursuit of Progress

PhD Student at UC Davis, National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow
Micah’s pursuit of progress began from an early age, fascinated by the workings of the world and how he could use his mind for the betterment of the world. As a dedicated PhD student working on solid-state fusion technologies, Micah’s journey is a testament to the way that curiosity, community, and collaboration propel this field forward.

Dr. John Dodaro: Taking Flight with Solid State Fusion

Founder at Aquarius Energy, Author, Stanford PhD
John Dodaro has always been passionate about science and mathematics. “Thinking about going to Mars: how will youdo that with solar panels? …nuclear would shine and be perfect for space travel by supplying the fuel; you'd have water out there. It's perfect for space travel, which is, I think, the ultimate goal, part of the LENR future.”

Dr. Benjamin Barrowes: The Thrill of Discovery

Adjunct Associate Professor of Engineering Research Physicist, CRREL
​​For Ben Barrowes, cold fusion was a family affair. He remembers his father,a scientist, coming home and standing in front of the television, enthralled by the news of the cold fusion discovery, so much so that he ignored his family members. His father was convinced it was nuclear, and his excitement showed—and as Barrowes put it, his father wasn’t easily impressed. The enthusiasm was infectious.

Dr. Edmund Storms: Making the LENR Map

Nuclear Chemist at Los Alamos National Lab (Retired)
The scientific spirit came naturally for Storms, who experimented from a young age. In high school, he had a chemical lab in his basement where he taught himself glassblowing and made everything from pumps to rockets to explosives to amateur Geiger counters. Heran around the neighborhood hunting for radioactivity with his homemade Geiger counter.

Dr. Pamela Mosier-Boss: On the Frontiers of Fusion

Scientist at Global Energy Corporation, Former Analytical Chemist at the Naval Research Lab, Awardee of Preparata Medal for her work in LENR
From her childhood dreams of becoming a scientist to having an awarded career at the frontiers of solid-state fusion, Pam’s story invites us to imagine new and exciting possibilities. Working with young researchers in the field, getting unexpected results, and remembering the people who nurtured her curiosity from the beginning all motivate her to keep exploring more.

Dr. Jean-Paul Biberian: Lifelong Explorations in Energy

University of Marseille Professor of Physics, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Condensed Matter Nuclear Science, Author
From researching solid-state fusion in secret as a scientist at Berkeley to now spending “retirement” in his own private laboratory, Jean-Paul has spent the last three decades exploring this field. At the root of his passion for solid-state fusion is exploration.

Dr Larry Forsley: Journeys of Discovery

Senior Experimental Physicist. NASA, University of Texas - Austin, Global Energy Corporation
Since childhood, Larry has been propelled forward as a scientist by moments of wonder and exploration. For the past decade he’s been with NASA, and he is now the Deputy Principal Investigator for Lattice Confinement Fusion and its application to deep space power. His interest is nurtured by an insatiable curiosity and an unyielding pursuit of knowledge.

Dr. David Nagel: The Fun of Fusion

Research Professor at George Washington University in Washington D.C.
Much like solid-state fusion research is a dive into uncharted waters, the running theme of Dr. David Nagel’s life and career is much the same. Besides literally traversing waters while spending three decades in the United States Navy, Dave has been traversing the solid-state fusion waters since its very beginnings.


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