SSF Organizations

A list of the organizations, publications, and communities that promote solid-state fusion (SSF) development.

LENR Forum

Web Site
News portal website connecting the global SSF community


Web Site
An online resource of scholarly scientific papers on SSF and CANR, or
chemically assisted nuclear reaction, featuring 1,900 original entries
reprinted with permission from the authors and publishers.

Infinite Energy

Web Site
Published by the New Energy Foundation and founded by Eugene
Mallove, the publication is a catalyst for advancing and disseminating
knowledge and understanding of all facets of new energy, new science,
and new physics.

New Energy Times

Web Site
Founded in 2000, New Energy Times is the leading on-line reference site for low-energy nuclear reaction (LENR) research.

Discover Cold Fusion Graphic Novel

Web Site
An illustrated novella describing the origin story surrounding the drama
and excitement of the discovery of cold fusion from Curtis-Press.

E-Cat World Blog

Web Site
Blog covers news, information and discussion about advanced energy
technology, focusing on the Energy Catalyzer ECat) invention of
Andrea Rossi.


Web Site
LENRGY accomplishes its mission by focusing on four areas – analyzing public policy, documenting LENR research records, assisting investigators and other interested parties, and providing information and outreach.

New Energy Times

Web Site
Since 2000, Steven B. Krivit's Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions reference site has been the trusted resource for independent, accurate, and scientific information about LENRs.

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