Let's talk Solid State Fusion
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The ChatGPT of LENR and Solid State Fusion. Ask questions, get insights.
Note: LENR ChatBot is still in an experimental stage.
How to Use:

The chatbot contains a large list of research papers and articles as provided in the database page linked above. The Chatbot can answer a variety of questions about these documents and it performs especially well when asked about a specific research title, topic or author. If you do not get a desired answer, please re-phrase the question, or try to be as specific as possible. Reload the chatbot (using the icon in the top right corner) to refresh and clear chat history.

Sample Questions 1: Summarize the paper titled "XYZ"; Who authored the paper "XYZ"; When was the paper "XYZ" published?; Share the link to the paper "XYZ";

Sample Questions 2: List some papers that used plasmas; Compare the papers "XYZ" and "ABC"; List some papers that use palladium and its alloys, also provide a one-line summary.

About LENRbot

Prof. David Nagel George Washington University
Prof. Anasse Bari
New York University
Despite more than three decades of research, Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR) still pose a challenge to comprehensive understanding. The vast array of papers, articles, presentations, reports etc. are vital but often difficult to collate. Thousands of literature pieces have been published over the years, and considering the significance of work towards LENR, it is crucial that the data is readily available and accessible across the globe. As a supplement to some of our prior efforts, with this project we introduce a chatbot that leverages our compilitation of LENR data repository to answer questions and other queries.

The Chatbot is part of a research project led by Prof. David Nagel of George Washington University and Prof. Anasse Bari of New York University, and is sponsored by the Anthropocene Institute. Largely the project aims to develop AI and Predictive Analytics tools to support the commercialization of LENR.

This data was compiled, and chatbot was designed & developed by Yvonne Vu, Tanya Pushkin Garg, Sneha Singh and Suryavardan Suresh. Special thanks are extended to Emos Ker, Charles Wang, Adelina Simpson, Gurmehr Sohi, Saiteja Siddana, and Dongjoo Lee for their hard work on LENR data collection. All of these individuals are members of the Predictive Analytics and AI group at New York University's Courant Institute, under the leadership of Prof. Anasse Bari. This project was built with support from ChatFast.

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