These books summarize the history, observations, hypotheses, experiments, and envisioning of SSF.

Cold Fusion: Advances in Condensed Matter Nuclear Science

Author: Jean-Paul Biberian
Date: 2020
Why Read: The book is a concise description of the existing technological approaches in cold fusion or low energy nuclear reaction engineering.

Hacking the Atom: Explorations in Nuclear Research

Author: Steven B. Krivit
Date: 2016
Why Read: A rare behind-the-scenes look at the players and personalities involved in low-energy nuclear reaction (LENR) research between 1990 and 2015.

Excess Heat: Why Cold Fusion Prevailed

Author: Charles G. Beaudette
Date: 2017
Why Read: An investigative report prepared for the general reader to explain how the most extraordinary claim made in the basic sciences during the twentieth century was mistakenly dismissed through errors of scientific protocol.

Fire from Ice

Author: Eugene F. Mallove
Date: 1991
Why Read:  All the major twists and turns of the cold fusion story are related with a modest amount of technical detail; it should be quite intelligible to laypeople.

The Science of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction

Author: Edmund Sturms
Date: 2007
Why Read: This book covers the history and science behind cold fusion as well as recent developments in the field's technology.

Nuclear Energy Encyclopedia: Science Technology and Applications

Author: Steven B. Krivit, et al
Date: 2011
Why Read: The encyclopedia is packed with cutting-edge information about where nuclear energy science and technology came from, where they are today, and what the future may hold for this vital technology.

The Explanation of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction

Author: Edmund Storms
Date: 2014
Why Read: Surveys observational data generated by LENR experiments: essential reading for those interested in how LENR works.

Nuclear Transmutation: The Reality of Cold Fusion

Author: Tadahiko Mizuno
Date: 2017
Why Read: An excellent beginning for those who want to learn more about the cold fusion story: covers one scientist's experience on the frontiers of knowledge.

Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions Sourcebook

Author: Jan Marwan & Steven B. Krivit
Date: 2008
Why Read: This book offers further insight into LENR substantiated by previously unpublished studies as well as new and controversial theories to approach LENR with access to new sources and experimental results.


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