Can innovation give us a new energy source that is pollution free, affordable, scalable, and easily accessible to meet our planet’s needs? Perhaps and it may be only matter of putting together commonly available metals together.

If we follow the progress from dozens of entities that have reported the anomalous heat effect known as low energy nuclear reaction (LENR), we could be on the cusp of a revolutionary new energy technology. Which companies, institutions and organizations are exploring the low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) phenomena? Are students ready to work in the LENR workforce? What are the differences between LENR and conventional nuclear, nickel versus palladium?  Will LENR-powered reactors be a future source for affordable and globally accessible baseload electricity generation? What industrial and commercial applications for LENR?

These questions are explored in LENRaries. Each month a new chapter will be released. To read the report, fill out the following form:


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